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Corner of Ostler Road &
Mackenzie Drive
Twizel, NZ 65432
022 150 2289

Lake Tekapo
Lakeside Drive,
Lake Tekapo 7999
022 150 2289

Mackenzie region, nestled in the heart of New Zealand’s majestic South Island is renowned for its incredibly clear starry nights, brilliant sunny days, remarkable turquoise lakes, wide-open grasslands and snow-capped mountains housing nature lovers.

Twizel is at the heart of this beautiful locale. Very close to the action in Mount Cook and  not far away from the stunning spread of glass like Lake Pukaki that is fed in by Lake Tekapo.

We’re the ORANGE food trailer around of Mackenzie Drive and Ostler Road in Twizel bringing to you some exciting mix of foods from different parts of the world.

Whats Cookin’ ?!

Offering our mouthwatering options to satisfy your taste buds for both Meat lovers and Vegetarians our customers will feast on a wide variety of cuisines. Whether that means choosing from the well known Indian Selection of North Indian curries like New Delhi Style Butter Chicken, snacking on the Samosas or feasting on the South Indian Dosa, Uttapam and chutneys. Customers will also love Tapas options like the Spanish style fried Chicken, Bomba and Coca, a distant cousin of the famed Italian Pizza.

As we endeavour to come up with a rapidly evolving menu of specials, be sure to get your hands on to out Steak Burger, Smoked Steak Chimichurri, Calamari Salad, the Beef Stir-fry with many more to come. It can only get exciting from here !